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Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

Internal Audit is a follow up of Internal Audit Workshop. The series of events is one of unity in order to realize a sustainable quality of internal control, and strengthening integrated management.

Although currently only able to reach Prodi audit undergraduate course, but actually this is the starting point of a step forward in preparing an internal control that will span the entire study program, Laboratories and PPDS. Independence and seriousness in the current internal control is the criterion. And based on its implementation, it can be concluded that the internal audit activity has been in line with expectations. All of the components involved in it have been instrumental to the maximum, ranging from the auditor, the auditee and the admin has synergy in carrying out this activity.

Results of Internal Audit Degree program UB’s School of Medicine on March 25, s / d 1 April 2013 can be seen on the following link.

Laporan Audit Internal keperawtan