Nursing Undergraduate Degree Program

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

Center for Quality Assurance (PJM) also facilitates training and konsultasi.Pusat Quality Assurance (PJM) has conducted an audit of the Faculty and Program Studies FKUB 11 times with excellent results. The audit by PJM done 2 times a year. In connection with the development of SPMI UB, has compiled three (3) books SPMI UB, are: Quality Manual, Quality Standards and Accreditation Performance UB was evaluated externally by the success of UB’s institutional accreditation A (Very Good) from BAN-PT and has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 and has been awarded as the best educational institution with Excellent Service.

Department of Nursing has a Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) since 2008 in charge:

- Carry out the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the tasks undertaken by the faculty in the Department of Nursing akademikan

- Responsible for the implementation of the quality assurance unit duty nursing department and report to the chairman of the department of nursing

Currently UJM has a Quality Manual, Quality Standards, Procedures Manual and Work Instructions 42 pieces and has been documented.

The final report documented internal audit and feedback of audit results are used to identify the need for preventive measures danperbaikan. Internal audit procedure refers to the Manual of Procedure (MP) InternalMutu audit UB (00000 05 021) and the MP Internal Audit Department (00 802 06 004).

In the internal audit quality of the academic year 2010/2011 FKUB was ranked second of all Faculty in the UB, while at the majors from all departments in the UB in the quality of internal audit of the academic year 2010/2011 third place achieved by the Department of Nursing. This was announced at the time of the preparation of the Work Programme 2011-2012 University.