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Written on 7 November 2014 , by admin keperawatan


Public services to students, stakeholders and the general public service users, especially in the Faculty of Medicine Department of Nursing Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya until it’s been running well, but still found a weakness that is not yet fully meet the expected quality of students and other customers.

One effort to improve the quality of public services, need to be implemented Public Satisfaction Index Survey (Service User UB) in the field of public services and human resource management as a benchmark to assess the quality of services and the development of human resources in the Department of Nursing FKUB. Besides, community satisfaction index data will be able to be a material element of an assessment of the service in both public services and human resource development that still need improvement.

Implementation of Public Satisfaction Index Survey (UB service users) in the Department of Nursing FKUB UB as a reference for the University to determine the level of service performance at the University regularly as a material to set policies in order to improve further the quality of public services. For the community, Citizens satisfaction index can be used as an overview of the performance of services in the Department of Nursing FKUB.

Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted from June 7, 2011 to the last data entry dated October 24, 2014.

With questioner satisfaction as follows:

Quesioner Kepuasan Masyarakat

With the results of the evaluation are as follows:

Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat