Alumni organization of nursing majors FKUB shelter under an organization called the UB Alumni Association (IKA- UB). IKA UB has a governing body consisting of the Central Board and the Board of Commissioner. Alumni of FKUB shelter under the stewardship of Commissioner IKA UB School of Medicine / Hospital Saiful Anwar. Alumni FKUB not only from the alumni, but also educational stratum 1 stratum 2 and education specialists. The Leadership Alumni changed every four years through a working meeting in which accountability report submitted.

The Leadership IKA UB Commissariat FKUB / RSSA year 2011-2015 has the following Vision and Mission

Brought solidity of alumni FKUB to contribute significantly to the alma mater, community, state and nation

Strengthen communication between alumni at home and abroad
Strengthen communication between alumni and alma mater
Maintaining and enhancing the reputation and pride in the alma mater by giving guidance to alumni
Providing a real contribution in the form of thoughts and other resources needed to help realize the alma mater FKUB professional quality graduates and air-ethics

The existence of the set of alumni and participation of alumni in supporting the development of academic and non-academic, among others:
Donations on a regular basis by the alumni have not been running, the donation of funds is incidental when held alumni gathering.

donations Facility
Facilities provided in the form of alumni donations made oath textbook when nurses.
Involvement in academic and non-academic activities,
Academic Activities: Alumni involved in the learning process at the academic stage and the stage as a profession in the form of guest lecturers and clinical precept.
Non-Academic Activities: Alumni Donations ataran set another form of scientific activities, as activities supporting the academic process contained in FKUB nurses Studies Program. For example: nursing symposium, alumni meeting, scientific seminars.

Network development and the provision of facilities
Alumni contribute to the provision of land for both nurses practice in hospitals and health centers.